Watched one of the younglings at work pour her left over Fruity Pebbles down the kitchen sink. Not the garbage – the sink drain. Like that won’t come back to haunt us.

By the way, you’re not 10 years old. Why the hell are you eating Fruity Pebbles?

On the way back to my desk, a girl came up and said, “Heeeyyy! How’s it goin’ old man?  No, I mean, not “old” man. Why did I say that? I must be crazy.”

Then she hurried away.

Conversations with My Doctor I

Dr: You’ve lost a lot of weight.
Me: I’ve gained five pounds since the last time you saw me.
Dr: Well, you know what they say. Okay, let’s see, you finished taking Z-pack a week ago . . .
Me: What do they say?
Dr. What?
Me: You said “you know what they say”. But I don’t know what they say.
Dr: Oh, people say all sorts of stuff.