Godzilla goes upside my brain

So, after working like a madman on a project this weekend, I decided to plop down in front of the tube for a little R n’ R. I saw there was a new Godzilla animated series from Japan. I thought, This should be fun and brainless. I have memories from childhood of the goofy Hanna-Barbera Godzilla cartoon.

This was not that cartoon.

I was totally not ready for the nihilistic, post-apocalyptic death-rant that is Godzilla Planet of Monsters.

It kind of got me down, man.

And there were Sci-fi concepts that I wasn’t prepared to wrestle with during a Godzilla cartoon.

Apparently, Godzilla fucked the earth up so bad that the human race said, Screw it, we’re leaving.  Kind of like I did at my last apartment.  They abandoned Earth in a spaceship and for twenty years. But it turns out, while it’s been 20 years in space, on Earth 20,000 years years have passed? I’m no physicist, but that doesn’t seem right.

They decide to travel back to Earth. (Which is 11 light years away, I get that much.) But they get back here in the same amount of time it takes me to drive to Wal-Mart? Wha???  That doesn’t seem right either. I just said, whatever, and tried to go along with the mayhem that followed. But this time stuff just kept nagging at the back of my brain like some kind of . . . Brain Lizard?  (Extra points for shameless self-plug.)

I’m not saying it’s a bad show. The animation is very pretty. And the action is intense!  It’s like watching someone else play a video game.

Watching it did not relax me in any way, shape, or form.