Caffeine and Cat Poop

This is a weekend of great change.

Over the last seven days I have weaned myself from coffee. I’m not sure if it’s really going to take. Today is my second day without it. I’m drinking green tea instead. I slept great last night. And I woke up much earlier than usual, feeling fully rested. But boy do I miss that get up and go from my first cup of coffee. Coffee smacks you on the ass and says, “Get to it, soldier!” Tea rests a calm hand on your shoulder and says, “I like Turtles.” Not quite the same. But, I’m going to give myself time to adapt.

Today is also the day that the cats and I bid farewell to the automated litter box.


For the last two and a half years, I have only had to clean the litter once every twelve days. But that luxury has come at a price. Approximately an extra twenty dollars a month. Having that extra $240 dollars a year might be worth having to clean the litter each day like a normal cat owner.

But I’m not going to like it.

The cats, however, will probably love it. They’ve never fully accepted relieving themselves on blue crystals. I mean, they do it. But they have a lot of attitude about it. They like scratching and burying their stuff. You can’t really do that with crystals. I hear them in their scratching forever. Then they leave the box and give me this very dissatisfied look. So, I’m sure they’ll be loving the hell out of a return to non-crystalized litter.

All right. Enough procrastinating. Time to go buy the new box. I’m going to need another tea after this.

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