Lizard Tuesday
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I don’t know why it’s Lizard Tuesday.  It just is.

If you’re currently watching AMC’s The Walking Dead, but you haven’t read the comic series it’s based upon, this past week’s episode captures the feel of the comic perfectly.  That might be because it was written by series creator, Robert Kirkman.  As a man whose never written for television before, he comes out with both shotguns blasting and taking no prisoners.  That doesn’t make much sense, I know.  Suffice to say, he did a fantastic job.  Per usual, much of the episode is entirely new material, diverging significantly from the original story.  I can only imagine how strange it must be for Kirkman to go back and rewrite his own story with new characters and plot twists.  Although, they’re his characters and he knows them characters thoroughly.  It must also be a great opportunity to flesh them out even further.  (No pun intended.)

Everything I love about the comic was there in that episode.  At first I was hesitant about the direction they were taking with the show.  Now I’m very excited by the new elements they’re bringing in.  I’m able to rediscover the story without simply sitting through an overly faithful rehash of events I’ve already read about.  As long as the quality is there, I don’t care where they take it.

The show does have a tendency to indulge in melodrama from time to time.  I think when you’re dealing with a zombie show created for mass appeal, the sentimentality is going to be hard to avoid.  I’ll be happy if they keep it to a minimum without dipping back into moments like Rick’s “I’m going to tell my wife about Dwayne” speech from episode 2.  He never did tell his wife about Dwayne, did he?

Rick’s full of shit.

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