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Woo-hoo!  Oh, yes!  It’s finally here!  The last day of NaBloPoMo has finally arrived.  And not a second too soon because I really think the well has run dry.  If you’ve been reading my posts, then you know that the well probably ran dry about a week or so ago.  Nevertheless, I have stayed strong […]

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I’m rapidly running out of juice for these posts.  Thank the gods that tomorrow is the last day for National Blog Till You Die Month.  I can’t keep this up every single day, man.  It’s not just because I’m lazy, either.  It’s mostly because I don’t have all that much to say.  (Believe me, when […]

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Okay, I can finally get around to posting about Friday night’s double feature.  Let me begin by saying that Wholly Moses and Human Centipede are not good movies.  But, if you’re going to watch Human Centipede, I highly recommend watching Wholly Moses first.  It makes Human Centipede seem so much better by comparison. What can […]

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Man, there is no way I can write a decent post tonight.  I’m not even going to pretend that I can.  My hangover is demanding that I spend some quality time with it instead  I tried arguing with my hangover earlier and boy did I learn my lesson.  From here on, hangovers get priority. This […]

My God, I am full to the brim with turkey. And what better way to continue the Thanksgiving festivities than by settling with with a couple of holiday features.  Tonight, my good friend, the dreaded Kingmob, and I, will be screening Wholly Moses (Starring Dudley Moore) and the Human Centipede (starring a human centipede).  There […]

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I was going to call this post “Turktacular!”  But Mrs. Lizard King thought it sounded too much like “testicular.” Finally, after all these years, I have made my dream turkey.  Seasoned with tarragon, garlic, butter, salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, and savory.  This is a joyous day indeed! Merry Thanksgiving Day everyone.  And to all, a […]

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I went to see a Cirque show last night with Mrs. Lizard King. I was going to post about that today, but all I can think about is nommin’ me some juicy turkey. Instead, here’s the ending to the Buck Rogers episode Space Rockers.  A more text book example of eighties television you will not […]

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I don’t know why it’s Lizard Tuesday.  It just is. If you’re currently watching AMC’s The Walking Dead, but you haven’t read the comic series it’s based upon, this past week’s episode captures the feel of the comic perfectly.  That might be because it was written by series creator, Robert Kirkman.  As a man whose […]